1. Your home is not a place to work at - a modular kitchen is completely manufactured in a factory. A Modular Kitchen lends a fresh & beautiful look as it is built perfectly to optimize the existing area. It is developed with contemporary finishes which gives longer life to the kitchen & its accessories. Usually life of a Modular Kitchen is more when compared to a carpenter made kitchen as the entire furniture is manufactured under strict processes to deliver the modules. Our products carry a warranty.

2. Installation and repairs can be done easily as each part of the kitchen module is separate.

3. You can carry your cabinets, shutters and accessories and fit the same in your new kitchen but in a regular kitchen, they cannot be moved anywhere.

4. Cleaning of a modular kitchen is very easy & it takes very less time as all the drawers come out easily & can be accessed properly.

5. Modular kitchen gives the advantage of making extra space according to your need even in the scarcity of space. Cabinets are stuck in stylish manner and provide a cozy look even in the smallest kitchen area.

Yes, we have a team of in-house Designers who design & develop your layout and provide you with 3D drawings.

Yes, we do charge a nominal amount for designing your Modular Furniture layout & 3D designing. Our Site Engineer first visits your home to take the required measurement, after which drafts are prepared on initial briefing by the client. If the design is approved, a project manager is dedicated to cost & plan your ideal kitchen.

Also importantly, if you choose to order from us, this cost of layout design is adjusted in the total cost of the kitchen.

Modular kitchens are quite simple to maintain. Based on the design & materials used, necessary care needs to be taken & a few common practices will ensure the long life of your kitchen.
Design to Manufacture & assembly will be 3 weeks.
All the carcasses we supply are made from 18mm thick sheets.
Yes, we provide sink along with the kitchen. We also provide the best possible plumbing solution, but we do not provide plumbers for job. We do undertake civil work but only in very remote cases.
As we have our own manufacturing facility, we provide carcass in marine ply, WPC, HDHMR & MR Grade ply. We offer a wide range of shutters in membrane, Plywood with Lamination, Veneer, PU, Solid wood, acrylic, Glass shutters with four side edge bend in high gloss & matt finish.
Yes, we do provide them. We are the channel partners to the leading kitchen appliance brand. There will be a marked price difference between our products and the same products if purchased from a dealer who in turn procures from us.
We are one of leading manufacturers of Modular Furniture for 14+ years. We have over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer.