Why Modular Kitchen Designers’ Consultation Matters Before You Begin

A Kitchen is the heart of your home and it should be designed with love and care. Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live. The design of a kitchen should be in aid of how it works and not just restricted to how it looks or feels.

A Modular Kitchen Design Just For You

A Modular Kitchen is a popular choice among homeowners. It makes the best utilization of space while looking classy and chic. The market today is flooded with installers who offer the latest and the best modular kitchen designs, but care must be taken before saying ‘yes’ to a set-up.

A modular kitchen is a sweet concept that factors into the design process, the work ergonomics of the kitchen, and the layout. A modular kitchen is not just about gadgets, boxes, and shelves – it is a scientifically designed set-up that makes the most of the space, storage, resources, and movement patterns. If done properly, a modular kitchen is the best gift you can give your home – and to yourself.

What Can A Modula Kitchen Designer offer?

As a modular kitchen designer, Wood Life understands not all designs are one-size-fits-all. Every house is unique and so does every kitchen layout differ. To design the best modular kitchen for your home, it is important for a designer/engineer to visit your home first. It is only based on this physical evaluation, measurements and personal interaction can a good design be arrived at.

Some important factors to consider while designing a modular kitchen are –

  • Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics is a means of improving working conditions. It attempts to ‘Fit the Job to the Man’ rather than ‘Fit the Man to the Job.’ Ergonomics optimizes the efficiency, health, safety & comfort of people through better designs of products & workplaces.

    The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the focal points of the kitchen. Putting your frequently used appliances closer to the refrigerator makes the kitchen far more user-friendly. As your modular kitchen designer, Wood Life helps you out by advising how to segregate and bundle everything as per the functionality.

  • Materials
  • An experienced modular kitchen designer can help you incorporate low-maintenance, durable materials into your kitchen design. Materials chosen should not only save time and money but should also make cleaning simple and quick. A good modular kitchen is one that lasts long with minimum maintenance.

  • Smart Storage Options
  • The need of the hour is not just storage – it is smart storage options. Optimum use of space with smart storage options can be achieved through compartmentalized dedicated spaces. Sectional drawers, a pull-out pantry, etc help you to organize efficiently and maintain your kitchen cleverly. A modular kitchen interior designer can offer nuances, tips, and solutions that go a long way in making life in the kitchen easy.

  • Ventilation
  • Ventilation, though a prime facet, is often overlooked during the installation of a modular kitchen. Only a designer can identify the correct layout – the position of the stove, the chimney, or the exhaust.

Why Wood Life?

A Modular Kitchen lends a fresh & beautiful look as it is built perfectly to optimize the existing area. Our team of experienced, expert in-house modular kitchen designers helps you design & develop your layout and provide you with 3D drawings. Our Site Engineer first visits your home to take the required measurement, after which drafts are prepared based on your initial briefing.

Your home is not a place to work – our modular kitchen is completely manufactured in a factory. It is developed with contemporary finishes which gives longer life to the kitchen & its accessories.

With over 40 years of experience, Wood life is the best and most trusted partner to give your kitchen the love it deserves. Ready for a consultation? Book now!